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Short-Term Rehab

Helping return patients to their normal lives.​

Helping return patients to their normal lives.

Good rehabilitation, whether for external injuries, a joint replacement, or a cardiac condition, takes more than high tech equipment. It takes a staff of therapists that can sculpt a program of recovery that’s right for each individual. At Dry Harbor Rehabilitation Center, we have both.
Dry Harbor Rehab’s programs operate seven days a week, bringing the most experienced licensed therapists in Queens to the task. The atmosphere in the rehab pavilion is upbeat and fun: patient outcomes improve dramatically when they are involved and enjoying their personal road to recovery.
As good as it is, rehabilitation centers, and especially rehab equipment, must be maintained at the highest level in order to perform properly. Our state-of-the-art machines and electronics are professional maintained on a regular basis by certified technicians to ensure they are performing exactly the way our therapists intend.
  • State-of-the-art facility
  • Well maintained equipment
  • Seven day individualized therapy program
  • Continuity of therapists
  • Dedicated pavilions for short-term residents
  • Orthopedic evaluations
  • Cardio-pulmonary rehab
  • Physical therapy
  • Occupational therapy
  • Speech & dysphagia therapy
  • Audiology

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Rehab Therapies

For adult and senior patients that require rehabilitation from illness or injury before they return home, there isn’t a more effective, modern, and upbeat rehabilitation center than Dry Harbor. Each resident in our program is helped to achieve full recovery as soon as possible with warm, positive reinforcement for success. Dry Harbor Rehab’s “restorative model of rehabilitation” provides aggressive physical, occupational and speech therapies seven days of week. Therapy is tailored to each individual’s specific diagnosis and needs, using modern equipment in a pleasant, calming atmosphere. Evidence shows that rehab patients do best when they work with the same therapists over the course of their recovery. 

Whenever possible, we make sure they have continuity of therapist, so that the therapist knows exactly where the patient is holding in their recovery. It also boosts the patient’s energy to see a familiar face when they start their therapy session. Our therapy team includes orthopedists, physiatrists, nurses, social workers, discharge planners, case managers and dietitians — one of the largest and most accomplished teams in the borough. They work together to ensure a smooth and well-coordinated healing process.

Short Term Rehab Pavilion

We have found that patients that come to us for short-term rehabilitation do best when they are amongst others with similar goals. That is why we’ve built our Short Term Rehab Pavilion on the lower floors of our complex — a cheerful, spotless, and modern facility specifically designed with the needs of the short term resident in mind.

Our short term residents enjoy their own well-equipped gym, dining room and recreation facilities. Specially trained staff provide excellent clinical care, working with residents and their families to make goals and prepare patients for the rapid return to their homes.

The Short Term Rehab Pavilion has become one of the most sought after facilities in the Queens community, and in the entire metropolitan area.

Discharge Planning

When our short term rehab patients are ready to return home, we prepare a comprehensive discharge plan that assures a smooth transition back to their regular routine. This plan is developed by the same multi-disciplinary team that has monitored the patient from the day of their admission to Dry Harbor Rehabilitation Center. It takes into consideration the unique needs of the patient, and the specific challenges of the home environment they are returning to.

The plan may include a transition to home care, visiting nurses, a program of exercise, and/or schedule for follow ups with doctors and therapists. We are affiliated with a number of home care providers and work to arrange the right level of service each patient requires. And we speak with patients to make sure that the services they need are being adequately and properly delivered. After our patients leave our facility, we check up on them to make sure they have received their medications and equipment, that they have proper follow-up with their physicians, and that they are receiving visiting home health care services when called for.