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The minute you walk through the front door, you know Dry Harbor isn’t like any other rehabiliation center, skilled nursing facility, or nursing home. Maybe it’s the luxurious leather couches in the lobby or the rich wooden mantel with Caring Heart awards for the last 5 years and counting.
Or maybe it’s the first smiling face you see as you are greeted warmly and attentively. It’s the same feeling you get from everybody on the nursing staff, from our physical therapists, and even from housekeeping. A confident, competent sense of caring that Dry Harbor Nursing Home & Rehabilitation Center has come to be known for.
It could be the bustling Rehab Pavilion, a state-of-the-art facility that has earned a sterling reputation from doctors around the city for its innovative programs and excellence of care. Patients and therapists are working together to get excellent results in an upbeat, can-do atmosphere.
Wherever you look, Dry Harbor is filled with positive energy. It’s why our short term patients get better so rapidly, and why our long term (nursing home) residents are so comfortable. We call it “Care with a Smile”, and it is the gold standard in New York City nursing homes.