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The world population of people over the age of 60 is heading for a high-water mark. Today there are 900
Two years ago, a book was published on how to deal with the primary issues facing seniors. The National Care
Are you in a long-term relationship with a significant other? Would you like to be? Either way, some standard dating
A few months ago, after nearly a decade in progress, the Older Americans Act finally passed by Congress, for a
As we age there are natural processes that take place which make certain parts of our body more vulnerable to
Facebook and other social media outlets really seem to be taking over somewhat. When it comes to communication, connection and
In the midst of careers and raising children many people don’t stop to think about what will happen what that
As one ages, various challenges are more likely: most notably the loss of a loved one. Given this reality, a
Speed dating has been growing in popularity among the younger set, and is gaining in its use among the older
Seniors often have to encounter transitions. Either the death of a loved one, or leaving work, or even moving to

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