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Given that millions of people over 65 fall and sustain an injury each year, what can we do to cut
As we age, it is common for multiple health issues, treatable with prescription drugs, to creep into our lives. Without
Researchers studying senior men and women in England discovered that “The more social groups the pensioners belonged to after they
Eating healthy food is a key ingredient to staying healthy as we age. It has been shown through countless scientific
February is heart healthy month. Heart disease is the “leading cause of death in America for both men and women,”
There is a long list of illnesses that can be affected by the food we eat. As we age and
Please Note: This news was also covered by The Queens Ledger, the Middle Village Blog, and the Gowanus Lounge blog. Dry
Often, the older one becomes, the harder it becomes to learn new things. As the old saying goes, "You can't
One of the challenges that comes with aging is reduced social interaction. Many of the peer group die – or
It is important to realize – when caring for anyone in a different demographic than yourself (children, disabled, or the