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One common side effect of the aging process is a loss of memory. What happens is that hormones and proteins
Getting older does not have to mean a lessening of the fun quotient in a senior’s life. There are many
As one ages, the chance for being affected by arthritis increases. According to an article in UW Medicine (an Orthopedics
Any kind of charitable act more often than not results in the giver feeling like the receiver. Volunteering your time
Here at Dry Harbor Nursing Home & Rehabilitation Center take great pride in the quality services we provide to our
When a couple has been together for as long as four or five decades, it’s almost as if they don’t
Elderly people often have health problems that make them more vulnerable to the dangers of summer heat. Some of the
With summer fast approaching, it is a good idea to be prepared with some basic tips to stay happy and
The following are some answers to commonly asked questions about senior oral health. Is it a certainty that as we
In our society, staying active often means driving. As people age, certain actions required for safe driving can often become