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Many seniors do not know their rights. Those as young as 50 in some states might be entitled to various
We all know how important a nutritious diet is to good health. For older people eating well can be a
Cincinnati’s local arts agency ArtsWave just provided a Catalyzing Impact grant to the Northern Kentucky Community Action Commission (NKCAC) for
As we get older the brain’s ability to recover from neurological damage diminishes, while memory and clear thinking can also
Historically – and in the present time – it has often been a challenge to get senior citizens out of
As the average longevity of the population continues to climb, so does the number of people living beyond that average.
Young and old alike love a day at the beach. But until a recent study, it was not clear if
The 4th of July is a very special day on the American calendar. As such, there is no reason that
While the Electronic Health Records (HER) System was initially created to aid in organizing a patient’s records digitally, the Indiana
The world is changing quickly, especially in the realm of technological advances designed particularly to make life easier and more