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A few more than they thought they’d find in a rehab facility.

The same amenities you’ll find in a fine hotel.

No matter how long or short their stay, we want our residents to feel pampered and well cared for. That means providing them with all the creature comforts they’ve come to expect — and a few more than they thought they’d find in a rehab facility.
As good as our facility is, we are continually renovating and looking for ways to enhance the comfort of our residents. Whether it’s our recently expanded Concierge service, or our own in-house beauty parlor, residents are always pleasantly surprised with the level of service they receive.

All of the guests at Dry Harbor Nursing Home receive complimentary:

Common Areas

The first impression given by our gracious main lobby is that of an elegant hotel. A regal grandfather clock, rich wood mantel and working fireplace, lush leather couches and inlaid tile floor lend a sense of warm opulence. Fresh flowers or seasonal decorations are always on display. Our resident elevators have been recently remodeled in rich wood paneling with sturdy grab rails. 

They lift residents and guests to wide, spotless hallways on each floor, well lit with custom inlaid flooring and bright landscape photography lining the walls. Each newly renovated floor operates as a self-contained unit with its own nursing station, medical staff, nutritionist and housekeeping staff. And every floor has its own corner dayroom where meals are served, overlooking a wide panoramic view of the city. 

Resident Rooms

All our resident units are newly decorated with rich wood cabinetry and soothing wall coverings. Recessed lighting and custom window treatments give each room a warm glow, day and night. The rooms are well appointed with solid quality furniture, firm adjustable beds, and large wooden armoire. 

Each room has flat screen TV, telephone, and Internet access for residents’ own computers and tablets. Within easy reach of the bed there is a 24/7 monitored call button and intercom. Both private and common bathrooms are hotel-like, with artisan tile work, tall jet stream bathtubs and stainless steel safety rails all around. Everything is new and spotless — and stays that way thanks to our courteous and meticulous housekeeping staff.

Meal Service

Mealtime is not just a time for nutrition. It’s time for enjoying good food and the camaraderie of your floor mates. Residents have menu choices at every meal, and can always find something they’re in the mood for. Under many circumstances, Dry Harbor Nursing Home will accommodate individual requests as well. 

Our professional chefs delight in creating special meals from all kinds of ethnic traditions including Chinese, Mexican and Italian. Dry Harbor also prepares and serves strictly kosher meals, making it one of the best choices in the borough for Jewish guests and families. Meals are served in the bright corner day rooms of each floor where people relax to a panoramic view overlooking the neighborhood. They can watch one of the flat screen TVs or read the morning paper as they sip hot coffee or cold iced tea.