For over three decades, the 360-bed Dry Harbor Nursing Home and Rehabilitation Center has been providing outstanding, comprehensive care to both short term rehab patients and long term residents. Our highly motivated, well-trained professional staff work non-stop to provide the highest standard of care for our residents.

All our departments — from Rehab to Nursing to Nutrition — work together to design and coordinate a comprehensive care plan for each resident that’s as unique as they are. It’s the only way we know how to fully meet the individual needs of each resident.

We are committed to ensuring the highest quality of life for all our residents while preserving their privacy, dignity, independence and individuality.

"Your concern for your patients is your number one priority. A high recommendation is in order for Dry Harbor.  We have visited many facilities in past years with friends and none of them compare to your facility.  Seeing is believing."

— Nancy F. and Carole M.

Great care requires consistency and open communication between departments. When admitted to Dry Harbor Nursing Home, each resident is welcomed by our concierge who makes sure they fully understand the many services available to them while they are with us. From day one, each patient receives the full attention of our dedicated and experienced staff to make sure their therapy goals, nursing care, and dietary requirements are consistently met, ensuring a positive experience for the length of their stay. One of the ways we do that is by ensuring continuity of care whenever possible, making sure the patient is seen by the same team of nurses, aides and therapists whenever possible. Seeing familiar faces is good for our patients, and ensures their particular preferences are honored.

We want to make sure every resident feels good about the care and treatment they receive. One of the ways we do that is by assigning an advocate to each incoming patient or resident — a professional social worker who knows the inner workings of our facility, and who will monitor the resident the entire time he or she is with us. Our social workers interact with both short term and long term residents, and are multi-lingual in a variety of languages. They advocate for the patient to make sure they are receiving all the services they require and are entirely satisfied with their care. They handle patient rights, discharge planning, activities participation and many other aspects of resident life. The social worker is only a call away for the resident, and checks in with residents from time to time to make sure their treatment plan is going well. Behind the scenes, the social worker works with the medical, nursing and therapeutic staff to ensure all team members are aware of every aspect of care the resident receives. For family members, the social worker is a godsend, giving the family a contact person within the facility that cares for their loved one, and knows exactly what’s happening at any given time.

We love having visitors because it helps our patients to get and feel better. Our regular visiting hours are 10am to 8pm, 7 days a week, though visitors may come at other times when necessary. We especially encourage visitors to attend special events like seasonal parties, birthday parties, and barbecues. We want to make visiting loved ones as easy as possible, so whenever possible, we offer chauffeur service for visiting family members. Please check with the admissions office for availability and range of service on the day you wish to visit.

A well-treated staff makes for well-cared-for patients. Dry Harbor treats its personnel with the utmost of respect, and we’ve found it really rubs off. Their interactions with residents and patients are equally dignified and respectful, and they range from light hearted to deeply personal. Dry Harbor selects only the most proficient and motivated candidates to join our team, chosen after rigorous screening. From nurses’ aides to therapists, our staff is continuously trained in current medications, treatments and equipment to keep them up-to-date. The staff has its own lounge and is served full meals during their shifts. We support our people in their work as well. In the back office, for example, our department of nursing administration takes care of nurses’ paperwork, relieving floor nurses to spend more of their time taking care of patients. These are just a few of the reasons Dry Harbor Nursing Home has such a low turnover rate and such a high employee satisfaction score — and why our staff is so well liked by our residents.

To learn more about employment opportunities at Dry Harbor Nursing Home & Rehabilitation Center, go to the Dry Harbor Nursing Home Careers page.

The specific nutritional requirements for each resident and patient at Dry Harbor are electronically maintained and updated as their needs change. Our Registered Dietitian oversees menu planning and monitors the nutrition intake of all patients. Our patients may require salt-free, sugar-free, lactose-free, or mechanical soft — all meals are tailored to meet their specific dietary requirements. All meals are prepared in our own kitchen, spotless and up to the highest food service standards and codes. Our food service manager is a stickler for cleanliness: the tinniest cracked tile is quickly repaired or replaced to ensure the most sanitary conditions. Our menu is as varied as the tastes of our residents and patients. Our chefs prepare a large variety of styles of cuisine from Chinese to Mexican, and also provides strictly kosher meals supervised by our on-site inspector. Up to 30 staff members work in the kitchen on any given day, preparing up to 1500 meals a day for our rehab pavilion patients, skilled nursing home residents, adult day care guests, and staff.


Our facility, on a quiet tree lined street in Queens, is impeccably maintained, inside and out. Outdoor plantings are chosen for their seasonal blooms. Our building has covered access for health transport vehicles. The entire maintenance and housekeeping staff is proud of our facility and it shows. Common areas, hallways, patient rooms, and therapy rooms are all immaculate and in perfect repair. Over the past three years, we have embarked on a comprehensive renovation of virtually the entire facility. The new look is bright and warm, far from the institutional look many expect.