American Heart Month

During American Heart Month, we raise awareness of the risks of heart disease and remember those we have lost to it.

The most common form of heart disease in the United States is coronary artery disease (CAD), which occurs when the arteries that supply blood to the heart become hardened and narrowed due to a buildup of cholesterol, known as plaque. CAD can lead to health issues such as heart attack, heart failure, angina (chest pain), stroke, and irregular heartbeat. And according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), many of these deaths would have been preventable with proper preventative care.

It’s possible to reduce the risk for heart disease by making certain lifestyle changes, and managing medical conditions sooner rather than later. You can keep your heart healthy no matter how old you are, by making changes in your everyday habits.

Physical activity is one of the best ways to improve heart health. The American Heart Association recommends that individuals perform at least 150 minutes per week of moderate exercise.

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