National Minority Donor Awareness Week

National Minority Donor Awareness Week is celebrated from August 1st – 7th. It is to honor the contribution of multicultural donors and their families, while also highlighting the urgent need from minority communities to register themselves as organ, eye, and tissue donors. It is important for everyone, but there is less awareness in minority groups which is why the objective of the day has a special observance.

Many parts of our body will tend to grow back to their size after the contribution, and few donations like blood donation keep us in good health, so this kind of information should be spread and taught to people. Many people lose their life because of not receiving the organ at the right time. National Minority Donor Awareness Week also tries to inculcate good health habits in people so that there may be a decreased need for an organ transplant.

Along with being a life-saving act and improving someone’s life, organ donation also comforts the grieving family of the deceased donor. It is the most selfless act that one can commit to.

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