Getting Elderly Out and About

Technology has come a long way in helping seniors remain in their homes.  However, it does not do much for the elderly who lose mobility and find it hard to get out of their houses.  This can be extremely isolating.

In Japan now, there is a potential solution to this issue.  Musashi-Murayama retailers are now supplying a free shuttle service so that the elderly can get to the local stores.  Aimed at aiding the elderly – known as “shopping refugees” – an electric motorized vehicle has room for two people in the front and baggage in the back.  It runs from 10am to 3pm for locals to call anytime during operating hours.  There is no fee.

On Pension Day the shopping area is now heaving.  The shuttle has really helped so many people get out and about and shop more.  One resident reported how she was cycling there but then her knees started giving her trouble.  In addition, it became challenging to take heavy bag homes.  The shuttle service solves that problem.