Health and Wellness Fair for Seniors

The second annual Senior Wellness Expo took place in San Bernadino a couple of months ago.  In conjunction with Anthem Blue Cross, the event was held at SBC Fair, was sponsored by Choice Medical Group.

One of the issues raised at the event was senior malnutrition which is so serious that it has led to a substantial amount of elderly being rushed to local ERs.  The idea behind the event – according to Anthem Blue Cross Medicare Programs Territory Developer, Heather Baker – was “for seniors to come out and have fun, but also receive information.”

Those giving out information were on subjects related to healthcare options, living assistance, skin issues, eyecare, nutrition and fitness. What was particularly nice was that haircuts were being offered for free.  As one of the organizers noted, one of the things that those struggling with money will put to the bottom of their priority list is their hair.

Free health screenings were offered, presentations on nutrition and age-related issues were covered too.  One of these was given by Chrystal Obi, M.D. who spoke about Osteoporosis and Hip Fractures.’

The event was well attended and individuals reported that being around people in the same situation offered a “certain camaraderie” not found in other settings.   Two additional senior wellness fairs are planned for October of this year.