Staying Stylish Through the Ages

Historically people dressed their age or even older.  Back in the day – especially when people weren’t living as long – a grandmother/nana/grandma really looked the part.  These days grannies can be as young as their mid-40s and certainly don’t want to dress like an old lady.  Plus, fashions have come such a long way since the 1920s that it’s even appropriate nowadays for the elderly to dress in style…without looking out of place.

Plus it’s good for you.  As we age we often feel that there are so many things that start becoming out of our control.  Clothes are not – or at least don’t have to be – one of them.  Indeed, as Lisa Armstrong said in an article in Vogue entitled On Fighting — and Winning — the Style Eclipse:

“Fashion is a means of feeling relevant…[and don’t be afraid to spend the money]. by now you should have worked out that a good fashion investment isn’t simply a question of cost per wear but of joy per wear, and also of having something bankable in your wardrobe for those unexpected big moments…. Never stop experimenting, albeit within the constraints of knowing what works with your shape, personality and lifestyle.”

Faye Fearon in GQ advised:
“In your sixties, the most important thing is not to fall into a rut. Get yourself a style signature item… but don’t stop going to the high street or checking out what’s happening on the style scene.”

Her elder-fashion icons to follow include: Bryan Ferry, Ian McKellen and Daniel Day Lewis.    Plus she advises men to: ditch the flowers; seek out neutral colors; structure in clothing (to flatten the wobbly middle you may have acquired) and keeping it simple among others.

There’s no reason to look like an old grandmother/father at 45 or even 75.  At the same time, one shouldn’t be accused of trying to dress like their 20 year old grandchild…