Older Adults Technology Services

A New York-based technology center is helping seniors harness the power of computers and smartphones to live independently and be part of a global community.

OATS, Older Adults Technology Services, has partnered with over 70 organizations to provide technology training to older adults. Partnering organizations include the City of New York, the New York Public Library, AARP Foundation and Maimonides Medical Center.

Workshops are centered on a variety of practical topics, including tutorials on online banking and online public library access. Seniors learn how to use social media and other tools to connect with friends and decrease social isolation.

One specific program provided laptops to medically frail older adults.  Training was provided to enable access to each senior’s personal electronic medical record. Participants were then able to use their computers to contact and update medical staff.

The organization has 24 technology labs in New York and serves more than 20,000 seniors a year.