Senior-Friendly Gyms

Regular exercise brings many physical and emotional benefits, ranging from weight loss to improved mood.

Exercising is particularly important for seniors. Improved strength, balance and coordination are a few of the benefits regular exercise can provide. Doctors recommend regular exercise as an important preventative health measure.

To make gyms more accessible to everyone, gyms that are geared towards older people– senior-only gyms– have opened.

Senior-only gyms restrict membership to people who are at least a certain age, generally in their 50s or 60s. These gyms feature low-impact fitness machines that provide gentler workouts. Programs and exercise classes are given by instructors who are specifically trained to work with seniors.

Often, the atmosphere at a senior-only gym features gentle music instead of loud rap music. Programs such as nutritional counseling and exercise classes are customized for seniors. Health goals—such as building bone health—may be assessed and addressed with support from an exercise coach.

Older adults can use gyms such as these to maintain an active lifestyle well into their senior years.