Seniors and Singing

According to new research, seniors may benefit from joining a choir. Singing together is an inexpensive, uplifting activity that has proven social benefits.

Researchers at the University of California collaborated with the San Francisco Department of Aging and Adult Services and the San Francisco Community Music Center to study the effects joining a choir had on seniors.

The study involved 390 older adults in 12 senior centers in the California area. Results showed that participants enjoyed the social aspect of participating in a choir and felt energized by working towards a common goal. Reduced loneliness and an overall happier outlook were reported. Many seniors felt that singing with a choir was the highlight of their week.

“Singing in a choir doesn’t require a lot of prior musical training. One doesn’t even need to know how to read music notation. Also, singing is a big part of many cultures, which is another thing that makes it very accessible,” says Julene Johnson, who launched the study.

Singing in a choir can provide a fun and practical outlet for many seniors.