Making Aging Fun

Aging doesn’t have to be a drag.  Especially for those who have good health and are working hard all the time to maintain that.  After all, one does not have to go to the office 9-5 anymore so has a lot of time.

This attitude is definitely employed in Edmonton.  One example being the recent fundraiser organized by the elderly for their drop in Jewish Senior Citizens Centre.  It was at its inaugural city-wide Walk, Run and Roll one-kilometer race last month that a 90 year old took home the Gold Medal.  Winner Edward Mickelson loved it, saying:

“There’s great fun in growing old.  The secret is to make it fun and not sit around expecting others to entertain you.”

This sentiment was backed by Leslie Morgenstern who works at the Centre.  She explained:

 “These seniors are so full of spirit they decided to host a fundraiser to help pay for services.  They went to their doctors, podiatrists and their denture people for pledges. The Roll part of the race? We have many clients in the 90-to-95 age category. Many use wheelchairs for support.”

Mickelson wasn’t the only gold winner that dinner.  90 year old Ruth Nolan won for the women’s race and she said: “Exercise increases energy, gives one a sense of well-being and keeps the weight down.”  94 year old Don Sax hit the nail on the head when he said:

 “Growing old is fun, but you need a good sense of humour. There’ a whole lot of stuff happening you don’t have much control over, including your own body. Be thankful for every day and enjoy it to the fullest.”