Month: October 2018

Boosting Brain Health

Interested in improving your cognitive skills? For seniors experiencing mild memory lapses, brain training games can help. Brain training games, or activities designed to strengthen cognitive, processing, and memory skills have proven benefits. Until recently, these games have required tangible tools, such as pen and paper. Crossword puzzles, chess and sudoku are examples of classic …

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Learn How to Live Safer Happier Lives

Interesting article about a bunch of senior citizens learning how to live safer, happier lives. Important that the elderly keep finding ways to stay active – not just physically, but mentally as well. Board games, TV shows, and other such activities are a great way to do this.

Seniors and Pets

Owning a pet can be a positive experience at any age. Pets provide companionship, comfort and support. For seniors, owning a pet can help reduce feelings of loneliness and isolation. For mobile seniors, owning a dog can be particularly beneficial. Studies have demonstrated that dog ownership leads to increased exercise, an important preventative healthcare tool. …

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Interesting article about the use of robots to aid the elderly exercise as well as detect health problems. Technology is evolving all the time and it seems as though life is becoming closer to resembling a science-fiction movie. While robots can fulfill the role of a carer, they won’t have the emotional connection that is …

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Intergenerational programs: A Win-Win Solution

Intergenerational programs recognize the value different generations bring to each other. When old and young people spend time together, connections are often formed. Seniors frequently have the benefit of time, flexible schedules and life experience that can be invaluable to young people. Programs that utilize seniors as a resource for young people have been highly …

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Daily Low-Dose Aspirin Might Not Protect Against Heart Attacks or Stroke

In what is surely a disappointing discovery to many older Americans who have been taking low doses of Aspirin to protect against heart attacks and strokes, a new study has found there is not protective affect from low-dose, daily aspirin consumption. The study showed that the recommendation to take aspirin to prolong healthy, independent living …

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Making Aging Fun

Aging doesn’t have to be a drag.  Especially for those who have good health and are working hard all the time to maintain that.  After all, one does not have to go to the office 9-5 anymore so has a lot of time. This attitude is definitely employed in Edmonton.  One example being the recent …

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