Brunei National Study on Seniors

This month — under the auspices of the Universiti Brunei Darussalam (UBD) – the Centre for Advanced Research (CARe) is beginning a national study on elderly people in Brunei.  The study will assess the various parts of the ageing population in order to effectively “implement social and economic policies to address their problems.”  CARe’s Dr. Yusnani binti Mohd Yusof-Kozlowski further explained:

“The objectives of the study are to collect detailed information of a sample cohort of people aged 60 and above; conduct further research at the regional level, including comparative studies with other countries; extract scientific findings regarding the lives of elderly persons and link these new findings to policymaking for older persons.”

It is hoped that this will result in “ground-breaking research on ageing condition in Brunei as well as collection of information on all aspects of older persons, such as pensions, employment, living standard, physical and mental health, service needs and usage as well as social and family aspects like social participation and housing.”