Saying Goodbye to Loved Ones

Saying goodbye is never easy.  But, as one nears the end of their life, it is often a good idea to try to methodically go about this task.  In Hong Kong, a young-old man, is helping people to accomplish this.

Before his retirement 78-year old Ng Kwok-hung operated a transport business.  Now though – in conjunction with the Caritas Support Network for Third Age Services and other retiree volunteers – he is filming elderly Hongkongers express their feelings to loved ones.

He began this venture in 2016 and since then has recorded over 50 testaments. He explained:

“Not many elders are able to tell their family face to face what they really want, as they are near the end of their life. When their condition suddenly becomes acute soon before death, some just don’t have the time to utter their last words. Or some may not know how to put feelings into words in front of their children.”

All members of the recording team – all elderly also – have to be strong enough to do it but it’s a great way for them to feel useful during their retired years and give back to the community.