Senior Activities

As one ages, one tends to become more isolated.  Families move away, friends pass on and people retire from their daily jobs.  As such it becomes even more important to make an effort to socialize – even if that requires engaging in new activities such as joining groups with other like-minded individuals.  Whereas before one’s social life may have been comprised of close friends and family, at this stage of life, it can become more focused on senior-centered get-togethers.

Waltham, Massachusetts is one area where they put out calendars of activities via the Waltham Council on Aging. Herewith the calendar for this month which includes: drop-ins, a butterfly farm, a ballgame and so much more.

Nationwide there are the Bucks County Senior Games next month open to participants from around the country.  Here as well as competitive games ranging “from billiards to bowling,” 84 year old Frank Brockman (who belongs to Pine Run Retirement Community) reported that he really “cherishes time with friends, swinging a club and maybe having a hot dog at the ninth hole [adding that] I don’t know how much longer I’ll be able to play, but I’ll play right to the end.”

And that really is the spirit of staying young – or at least, in the game as it were.  Rather than getting depressed about changes in aging and environmental factors that come with it, one can embrace this and find new ways such as these for forging ahead.