May – Older Americans Month

In 1963, the then US President, John F. Kennedy established Older Americans Month to “honor the contributions, past and present, of older people – particularly those who defended our country.”

Each year there is a theme.  And the theme for 2018 Older Americans Month is Engage at Every Age, with the idea being that one is “never too old (or young) to take part in activities that can enrich your physical, mental, and emotional well-being.”

Some examples of activities include: celebratory events (in which you invite seniors to a network gathering/community meal/storytelling program), volunteer events (plan a day or half day in which elderly people can give back to those they feel have helped them) educational events (resource fair, class workshop or lecture on one of the many subjects from this year’s theme).

In addition, this year, at the very end of the month on May 30th, 100,000+ seniors will participate in the country’s largest annual health promotion events for the elderly – National Senior Health & Fitness Day; the 25th one of its kind. This is hosted by local organizations advocating the health and fitness of older adults with participating churches, hospitals, senior communities taking a part as well offering fitness walks, low impact exercises, information workshops and more.