The Gadgets Our Parents Love

The stereotype that older folks are uncomfortable around new technology, or even disdain it, is just that, a stereotype. There are many millions of seniors that not only embrace the latest hi-tech gadgets but are every bit as excited by them as their younger fellow consumers. Manufacturers understand this, and understand that as baby boomers age, the market for their devices expands, so wouldn’t they create products specially designed to appeal to the golden agers?

So what devices do seniors really love? For one thing, tablets have particularly gotten under their skin. These devices offer seniors a host of activities to keep them engaged and growing intellectually and socially.  These devices are a hand-held world of apps which bring games, health and wellness, news, music and staying in touch right into the palms of their hands, literally. Tablets are also a gateway to the world of family photos, books, and encyclopedias. Add the fact that tablets are light, have intuitive touch screens, and changeable fonts for easier reading, and you have a device that is easy to love.

Another gadget perhaps surprisingly favored by the older crowd are video game systems. Usually thought of as the game of choice for tweens and young adults, old folks seem to have taken a liking to them. Not only is playing video games fun; according to one study done at the University of Iowa, “playing a specific video game, test subjects aged 50 and over were able to stop and even reverse the trend” of decreased mental acuity. Video game systems help seniors exercise their problem-solving skills, help improve their social lives, and are just a lot of fun.