New Gadget Helps Eliminate Unwanted Spills

The Consumer Electronics Show is one of the year’s most extensive gatherings of its kind and features an increasing number of products and innovations designed with the senior citizen in mind. This year the Las Vegas show hosted over 180,000 industry professionals, showing an unprecedented number of fantastically creative and useful gadgets of benefit to many people, old and young.

One of the most interesting and helpful for seniors is called the Gyenno Spoon.  This device helps people with hand tremors, such as those suffering from Parkinson’s disease, drug side-effects, and other ailments, by stabilizing the spoon or fork held in the person’s grip.

The quite clever device gauges the tremor and responds as needed so the cutlery remains level and spills can be avoided. The beauty of this device is that what was once a debilitating and sometimes embarrassing issue can be neutralized in a simple, non-medicated fashion. Not only is quality of life enhanced, but the user’s self-confidence as well.

This helpful gadget is light, only 130 grams, ergonomically designed so its easy to hold, and it switches on and off automatically when it detects movement or the lack of movement. It can also distinguish between intentional movements and unintentional.

For many people this little device can increase the quality of life quotient many times over.