High-Tech Helps You Watch Yourself and Your Love Ones

Just because a person is in the twilight of his/her life does not mean he/she should not enjoy all the amazing technological developments that have manifested during his/her lifetime. The stereotype that older citizens do not enjoy nor understand “new-fangled gadgets” or want to, is ageist, and should be dismissed handily.

There are lots of gadgets designed specifically for the aging population. These gadgets enhance  quality of life, and in some cases can even help prolong life.

One of the newest and most useful high-tech devices is the Omate Wherecom S3 Android Smart Watch. It is specifically designed with the elderly in mind, helping them to more easily stay in touch with their family and friends.

The watch allows users to easily call for help, receive a phone call, and send a reminder when its time to take medication. There is a built in GPS so caretakers and family members can keep track of their location at all times. This can be extremely useful if you must find your loved one or if he/she needs to be picked up and is unsure of his/her location, or if he should get lost somewhere.

For seniors working on staying in shape, the watch can count steps. In the case of an emergency, there is a one-click SOS setting, which automatically notifies contacts using Wi-Fi or 3G about the GPS location of the user.

This smartwatch is chock-full of useful features in a simple to use design. A great idea for everyone, and especially the older set among us.