Senior Citizens Should Use Mobile Devices More

Whereas we usually try to tell our children to get off their screens and go do something else instead, for seniors the message is quite antithetical.  It’s actually beneficial for the elderly to figure out how to use technology. Given that a Pew Research Study conducted earlier this year found that 85 percent of American adults have used a mobile device to access news at some point, gone are the days when technology was just for youngsters.  Plus, another survey showed that 82% of elders said a smartphone helped them feel “freer” was they were more able to connect with family members and friends while giving them the added piece of mind that they could contact someone for help if need be.

And for those not quite up to speed, thanks to a free program put out by New Jersey’s Social Community Activities Network (SCAN), Port Monmouth seniors are being given guidance on how to use their tablets.

According to Andrea Tarr, Program Director, the response has been overwhelming from elderly citizens who want to “get with it.” On the program, they are being taught everything from the basics (like turning the Tablet on and off) to email, social media, Skype and more. Some of them even use it to get a job while others are seeking information on their new medical condition or special fitness programs for their demographic.

In addition, thanks to funding from the Affordable Housing Alliance, each graduating student gets to take home a prize – their very own 10-inch free tablet!