We Have Come A Long Way From Wooden Teeth

Here is an idea you can really sink your teeth into: Fast 3D denture printing! A Chinese company named Porimy offers perfectly customized dentures using their unique technology which quickly creates 3D-printed dentures in just one week.

For conventional dentures people visit their dentist many times over several weeks in order to have their dentures molded and fitted, and then must wait again until their custom-made prosthetic is complete.

The Porimy technique uses 3D scanning technology and then printing to create dentures more quickly, accurately, and for a lower cost.

In addition to providing dentures more quickly and cheaply, this new technology also addresses specific issues which exist with conventional dentures, such as internal cracking. These cutting-edge dentures can also be made from anti-bacterial materials, which will inhibit the growth of microbes and fight tooth-decay.

Dentures created by 3D technology are a sharp idea worth biting into.