The Top Picks for Medical Alert Systems in 2018

We’ve discussed medical alert systems before, but the following is a summary of what we have seen as the year’s best systems for alerting professionals and love one’s in case of a medical emergency that would preclude the person involved in the emergency from reaching out on his/her own.

To get on the list at all medical alert companies need to pass the four following demands:

  • The equipment must do what they say it does: “Good enough” is not good enough for us. We want our readers to get the highest performance which meets the highest standards.
  • Customer service is essential: We looked for companies who answer their phones quickly, are polite and know what they are talking about.
  • The price is right: The prevailing cost for a medical system in today’s competitive market is from $20 to $40 for traditional in-home systems. All the equipment and service on our list fits in that price spread.
  • Contract cancellation is not an exercise in frustration: The companies on this list do not demand long-term contracts, which force you to pay even if you no longer need the service. The companies listed here do not have long-term contracts and their service is easy to cancel.
  1. MobileHelp

  2. Bay Alarm Medical

  3. Medical Guardian

  4. LifeStation

  5. QMedic

  6. ResponseNow

  7. Alert1

  8. RescueTouch