Florida Senate: Elderly Remain Top Priority

Florida Sen. Rene Garcia has always been very committed to issues relating to seniors (as well as families).  Having participated in the Senate Children, Families, and Elder Affairs Committee he is no stranger to the importance of this demographic. Now, as Chairman of the committee that investigates issues concerning seniors and children, he is illustrating some of the top priorities that will be included in the 2017 legislative session.

About this current initiative, Garcia explained: “What we started last year with Senate Bill 12, I want to make sure we expand access to those individuals with mental health disorder, the mental health diseases just as substance abuse, ensure that they get the projections that they need, ensure that we help their families, and ensure that we help their families because this is not just a disease that affects an individual,  Obviously, look at the foster care system that we have in the state as well as issues affecting the elderly, and make sure they are protected as well.”

In addition to his advocacy of the elderly, Garcia also works hard to make mental health and substance abuse, top priorities.  He has been in the Senate since 2010 and has always put Seniors at the forefront of his campaign project.