New Year’s and Seniors

It’s traditional for people to make new year’s resolutions.  This is one particular tradition that seniors can have just as much connection to as other demographics.  In fact, in some ways, this can actually be more impactful for them as they have experience in what is realistic and what is just going to be ignored come January 10.

So what are some useful suggestions for seniors to make as their New Year’s resolutions?  Here are a few we thought might be helpful.

1.     Learn A New Technology

This doesn’t have to be something overwhelming.  But it’s a good idea to try to keep abreast of as much new technology as possible.  So for example if you do not yet have a smartphone, consider getting one and having your grandchildren put on some apps.  If you do have one, take on a new app.

2.     Introduce a New Healthy Item to Your Diet

If you are not good at eating vegetables, try a new way to eat them (soups are good for those who do not enjoy the taste of raw vegetables); whole grain starches instead of white ones, switch from unhealthy saturated to healthy fats (such as avocado, olive oil – while ditching margarine).  There are many ways to – deliciously – replace unhealthy foods with healthy ones.

3.     Write a Living Will

This is very important if you have not done so already.  Also use this opportunity to discuss with your children and loved ones what you would ideally prefer happening should you need assistance either physically or mentally.

4.     Engage in Brain Activities

Just because you may be retired now does not mean you have to literally retire all parts of your brain and mind.  It’s a great time to join a scrabble group, do the daily crossword/sudoku are play memory games with your partner.

5.     Record Your Memoirs

A great excuse to bond with the grandchildren and a wonderful legacy for them and their children, now is the time to tell all the stories you remember from as early as possible and have them recorded for future generations.

There are many ways seniors can help themselves and their families for the future; use the new year to create these as resolutions.