Month: January 2018

Elderly and Socializing

One of the challenges of aging is isolation.  As the elderly start dying, those who remain are left with fewer friends and peers.  In addition, transportation often becomes more difficult and for those who only have friends who do not live locally, they are likely to end up feeling quite isolated. In Maine, there have …

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The Elderly and Medicare Savings Plans

In this video we learn about the best ways for the elderly to take care of their medical needs from a financial perspective.  Planning for the future is essential for anyone but particularly important for those moving in to their summer years.

New Year’s and Seniors

It’s traditional for people to make new year’s resolutions.  This is one particular tradition that seniors can have just as much connection to as other demographics.  In fact, in some ways, this can actually be more impactful for them as they have experience in what is realistic and what is just going to be ignored …

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