NanaGram Loops Grandparents into the World of Digital Pics

Grandma and Grandpa are often less computer savvy than their grandkids, and are therefore often left out of all the digital sharing the rest of the family is doing. Here is a clever and elegant solution to the problem of how to share all those digital pictures with the older generation. It is a great idea, especially since it is the older generation that often benefits from seeing those pictures the most. The solution is called NanaGram, and here’s how it works:

Users with all those lovely pictures on their phones send their pics by text message to a dedicated phone number which then uploads those photos, prints them on actual paper, and then automatically snail-mails them to a dedicated address: like where Nana and Grandpa live.

Now, while all the younger family members are sharing their adventures with each other, all those technology-challenged older family members, who maybe don’t even own smartphones, can share in all the fun. Actual photographs on paper are rare nowadays, but for those of us who have been slower to jump on the digital band-wagon, NanaGram seems like a great solution to bridge the technology gap in families.