Getting Ready for Christmas

Getting ready for Christmas can be  particularly challenging for seniors…especially those who find themselves alone either for the first time or for many years.

So what can one do to make this better?  How can we enhance their experience for the better?  Here is a list of top 10 ideas for seniors to consider in the run up to Christmas.  It will not only make the day itself better but it will also create joy around the festive season in its entirety.

1.      Help Others: is there anyone in your community who seems like they need some help with their tree?  Or just putting up decorations?  Ask at your local community center and find out what you can do (physically) to assist others in need.

2.      Participate in a Nativity Play: Even if you’re not one for acting, there are so many parts of a nativity play that require organization.  Find out what you can do.

3.      School celebrations: Go to local schools and see if you can volunteer.  Do they need a Santa? That’s always fun

4.      Rent-a-Gramps: For those who do not live near their grandparents (or do not have living grandparents) be there for them.   Take them Christmas shopping or have them over for some Christmas pudding or even get them to help you decorate your Christmas tree.

5.      Take a Class: There are often creative-themed classes centered around the festivities.  Join one and make your very own Christmas decorations to get into the spirit.

6.      Cook: Find new Christmas dishes and make them.  Then, take some of your foods to those in need.

7.      Soup Kitchen: Volunteer at your local soup kitchen.  Get dressed up in a Santa Claus hat to get into the spirit.

8.      Library Time: See if your local library is in need of a book reader for Children’s hour.  Then, find one of your old favorite Christmas tales and read it to the kids.

9.      Movie Night: Invite grandchildren over for a classic Christmas tale such as Miracle on 34th Street or A Charlie Brown Christmas.

10.  Window shop Trees: Even if you already have your own tree, it is always fun to take a look at what trees are being sold.  Usually there is great music being played to get you into the holiday spirit.

So remember:  being alone and elderly not only does not have to be challenging over the Christmas period, there truly are plenty of ways to get everyone into the spirit and have a jolly festive time!