Miracle Whip Endorses Octogenarian Women’s Basketball Team

It is not only people that age; companies age as well. Just as people are getting older and also getting better, so too with companies.

Mega food conglomerate Kraft’s brand known as Miracle Whip just turned 84 years old. To celebrate the event, the company decided to endorse an incredible sports team: The San Diego Splash.

And what makes Splash so special? The team is composed of women, none of who are under the age of 85! Together they show the world that getting older does not mean sitting out one’s days in a rocking chair, knitting sweaters. These ladies dribble, pass and shoot at their local YMCA, in competition with other like-minded and physically-able women. What sets Splash apart among the women in their own league is that they are among the oldest.

If any of this is sounding a bit familiar, you may have heard of them previously. Back in June, 2017, ESPN did a special on the team which went viral, amassing an incredible 12 million views online.

The Miracle Whip endorsement was explained by the brand’s marketing director, Matt Carpenter:
“Miracle Whip is a brand that recognizes that some of the best things have been around for the longest time.”

Miracle Whip hopes that this deal will promote the image of the brand as one that has a long, trustworthy heritage whose value is worth sharing with future generations.