The Vacationing Seniors

Last month marked a celebration of the elderly.  30th October is the UN’s International Day of Older Persons, and gives society at large an opportunity to celebrate all the special seniors in our lives, recognizing the impact they have on our families, communities and societies.

This year the theme of the day was “Stepping into the Future,” most fitting for many seniors who struggle to believe this is precisely something they have not lost.   

Thankfully though this does not seem to be an issue.  At least according to recent data from Airbnb whose records state that the 60-90 year-olds are the ones engaging in travel opportunities, renting a villa for their travels. Indeed Airbnb figures showed that there was a staggering 1.5 million 60+ travelers who vacationed through the Asia-Pacific region, via Airbnb accommodations.  Seniors are these days embracing technology and the sharing economy vis-à-vis vacations. 

And when it comes to Airbnb hosting, seniors account for around 10 percent of the traffic with the 60-90 age group being the fastest-growing age bracket, growing around 40% year on year.