Infinity and Beyond: Hi Tech Comes to Eyeglasses

About 700 years ago, in circa 1286, some amazing genius in Italy invented eyeglasses. Originally either balanced on the nose or held up in front of the face, basically, aside from adding ear pieces, the technology has barely changed in all those years. Until now.

This new design for glasses was developed by Hyosub An. Known as Clevu eyeglasses, these are a mind-bending blend of traditional corrective lenses, binoculars, and augmented reality, all joined at the hip as one wearable device.

The glasses are ready to give its wearers incredible clarity of vision, no matter what the environment might be. On the sides of the device there are dials which allow the user to zoom out and in of an entire scene or a specific object. Other controllers adjust the sharpness, contrast and color, and other elements of vision. There is also an app which can make a smartphone a powerful controller for the ultimate visual experience.

This latest step forward for corrective lenses has taken the traditional single focal, bifocal, or even multi-focal concept and blasted it into infinity, and beyond!