An Easy Way to Organize and Take Medications

As we age many people develop health issues which require the regular use of medications. It is not uncommon for people on medication to need to take several types; some for multiple conditions, and others to ease side-effects caused by the medications and their interactions when several types are taken at once. It is easy to see that the regular requirement for taking medication can become complicated and confusing. The confusion is compounded when some pills need to be taken once a day, others twice or even three times per day, and others perhaps not even on a daily basis. Just one  mistake could have serious health consequences for people dependent on pharmaceuticals.

A new device has recently been introduced which hopes to solve the problems surrounding the regular taking of medications for the elderly. The Karie Personal Medication Dispenser was designed after developers studied the problems and issues elderly people faced when taking medications.

The device provides a smart scheduling and dispensing system which notifies the user when it is time to take certain drugs. It also provides them and sends alerts to the patients and/or their caregivers if a dose of the meds was skipped.

The needed drugs and each one’s schedule is pre-programmed into the device. At the touch of a button the correct pills and their dosage are individually dispensed. The device holds up to a month’s supply of meds, which can really make a healthy difference in the life of seniors who are dependent on medications.