Month: October 2017

Fall Prevention

Later this week, senior citizens from the Greenville, East North Carolina area will have the opportunity to learn about ways of living longer, healthier and in a better qualitative state via the annual (2017) Healthy Aging and Wellness Expo. This year will be particularly helpful as the event is combined with the Fall Prevention Fair. …

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New “BikeAround Video System” Helps Seniors with Dementia

A new system cleverly pairs physical activity with mental exercise in a safe, enjoyable experience for elders. Especially considered helpful to seniors suffering from dementia, the system is called BikeAround and joins the use of a stationary bicycle with Google Street View to stimulate the memory and pump up the heart and muscles. Here’s how …

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Dental Care in New York

The Dental Van Senior Citizen Initiative is seeking to ensure every single person in NYC has access to good dental care. During August, the program – the brainchild of NYU Dentistry – focused on providing assistance to the elderly living in Queens. The Dental Van was stationed in Queens at the Greater Springfield Community Church …

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