A Trendy Improvement to an Old Product

Seniors are consumers, too. Its smart to market to today’s older population, as they are the famed “baby boomers,” born after World War II but before President Kennedy was elected. More people were born during this time period than ever before, and they are living longer than people have ever lived in the United States. This makes for a great market for a huge variety of products.

Back in the day people wanting to listen to music of their own choosing turned to a “turntable” to play their “records.” Most people today haven’t the foggiest idea what a record and/or turntable are, but you can be sure those boomers know.

The market for records, large flat discs made of vinyl with tiny lines in them where the music is inscribed, has somehow been kept alive on a low burner, and therefore, so too has the market for the hardware that plays them, called turntables. But a turntable purchased today is nothing like the old turntable of the 70s and 80s.

The well-admired Technics SP-10R of 1970 has undergone a sea change for the 21st century, with a price to match. It is a beautiful addition to any room, with a two-tone design with a minimalist emphasis.

It is completely compatible with its ancestors, but now has a direct-drive motor which is cordless. The sound is exquisite, the smoothest imaginable. To the delight of seniors, this product is a beautiful example of how some products not only  don’t go out of style, but get better as they get older, just like the people buying them.