The End of Summer

Labor Day is a significant day on the calendar. All the students are back at school and the weather is starting to cool down. Given this, it’s important to take advantage of these weeks of good weather while they are still around.

Having said that, if the weather is still on the warm side, it is important that for those taking care of seniors, special precautions are taken.  This includes:  staying dehydrated, avoiding the sun as much as possible and not staying outside for too long.  It is thus advisable for seniors to look for activities inside if it’s going to be unreasonably hot outside.

But if it’s not too hot, you should go the park or some other form of outdoor activity. Get outside and go for a walk while getting the benefit of some fresh air and some Vitamin D.

If you want, you could begin to prepare for the upcoming winter months by going shopping now for it. You don’t want to be going outside to the mall when it’s cold, rainy and possibly even snowing.

Also the good weather means that children and grandchildren can spend time with their parents and grandparents.

Before we know it fall would have turned to winter and everyone is wearing scarfs, coats and earmuffs. Make the most of the good weather while it’s still here.