Seniors: Know Your Rights

Many seniors do not know their rights. Those as young as 50 in some states might be entitled to various discounts and deals but just do not have the information on what these are. What people so often do not realize is that there is so much more to benefitting from age than early bird dinner discounts; sometimes they may even be entitled to reduced airfare for example! Here we take a look at what some of those are.

A good place to start is at the AARP (with a $16 per annum membership fee which also entitles one to exclusive discounts) as well as,,, and Senior to name but a few.

A lot of seniors miss out because – as co-founder Amie Clark believes – they are too scared to be given a “no” in response. In addition they may be embarrassed to admit their age. But the discounts out there really should be too good to miss out and we should try and encourage seniors to get them. Besides, who wouldn’t want to spend less on Ben & Jerry’s than others? Getting older should bring with it some sort of benefit!