Art Programming for the Elderly

Cincinnati’s local arts agency ArtsWave just provided a Catalyzing Impact grant to the Northern Kentucky Community Action Commission (NKCAC) for art programming. this will be put to use at Senior Centers in the region.

The idea behind this is to offer those who have no access to it, arts and culture via various different programs. Often it is seniors who are not able to benefit from this industry. Of this grant, NKCAC Vice President for Community Development Rhonda Chinsenhall said:

“We are thrilled to have received funding from ArtsWave to bring arts programming to our senior centers. This is such a wonderful opportunity for us to offer new and exciting programming and provide an opportunity for some of our seniors to experience the arts who otherwise would not be able to do so,”

With this grant – from July until the end of the year – the NKCAC will have the resources to host 12 programs. At these, participants will engage in drawing, painting, rhythms songs and theatre. And through this, seniors will engage with each other, be enriched, get educated and entertained all at the same time. One of the programs is dramakenetics – which helps participants work with their bodies, voices and imagination to express themselves and is incredibly important for those with age-related conditions such as Parkinsons and other neurological diseases.