Out & About is Affordable for Seniors

Since it is so cheap for seniors to enjoy America’s national parks, it is quite surprising more do not take advantage of it. Now would be the time to do so since a warning has been given that the price is going to increase, significantly.

According to the AARP, the National Park Service has not raised the price of a mere $10 for seniors to access its more than 84 million acres of land. This lifetime pass however, is going to be eight times more expensive soon so it is worth it for seniors to purchase one now. They can even do this online, for a mere $20…and it’s for life.

In addition, May is Older American’s Month. As such, Reno Parks, Recreation and Community Services Department teamed up with Truckee Meadows Parks Foundation to lead free walking tours for the elderly, for about an hour duration from 10 am. To facilitate this activity, a shuttle is being provided by the City of Reno. With this, seniors will get the benefit of learning about the parks’ cultural and natural history.

For those in Seattle, the no-fee Sound Steps Walking Program was established to “increase physical activity and social connection by working with people age 50 and older in a member-directed community walking program.” Walkers are connected to other walkers on their level and are supported by volunteers, regular check ins and tools that measure their progress. They have weekly groups as well as a 10k/half marathon walk training program. It’s a very good way of seniors connecting with others, staying in shape, and getting exposed to the outdoors.