An Old Hobby Joins the Newest Technology

There is a rumor being spread that seniors do not like, or do not even want, to interface with, high-tech toys like smartphones, laptops or tablets. This general statement is a one-dimensional stereotype of seniors, and should be put to rest for the falsehood that it is. Any senior worth his weight in wisdom will certainly give the latest technologies a chance, and will embrace them whenever they are found to be life-enhancing.

One technology that is certainly a life-enhancer, especially for seniors, is a hand-held computer device, also known as a tablet. One great trick tablets can perform is bringing books right to your fingertips conveniently and efficiently. Whether it is a dedicated Kindle device, which is intimately connected to Amazon and their books, or a generic tablet with a reading app loaded on, the joys of reading digitally are numerous, and especially beneficial to golden-agers.

Step one: Getting your reading material.

Almost all books nowadays are available in a digital version. They are generally less expensive this way, and can be downloaded immediately to your device as soon as you click the button placing your order. Thus, you have saved yourself the time and expense of traveling to a book store. Many libraries also allow free access to their digital collections to their library card holders.

Step two: Reading your new book.

You can adjust the font’s size and style to suit your personal needs and preferences. If your eyes are just not what they used to be, this is a big bonus. You can enlarge the print to your heart’s and eye’s content. You can even reverse normal contrast and read white letters on a black background, if that is easier or more comfortable.

Step three: Taking you library with you.

Want to read at the park or beach? You no longer have to drag a heavy book along with all your other paraphernalia. A tablet is lighter than most paperbacks. And what if you are in the middle of two books? Not a problem. With your tablet, you can bring a hundred books if that is your desire.

Step four: Storage of books.

If you are old enough to be called a “senior,” and you love to read, we can guess what the bookshelves in your house must look like. Your digital reading device solves the problem of book storage space elegantly.

All you book lovers reading this, consider the advantages of a high-tech reading device, and help destroy the stereotype that old folks are also old-fashioned. Embrace technology, and it will embrace you.