Easter Ideas for Seniors

Easter is a wonderful holiday that is a harbinger of spring, with many related activities that can be joined by seniors, no matter how religious or not they might be. Many craft ideas are non-denominational and can be participated in by all interested parties, from the most religious to the least, and from young to old.

Arts and Crafts

Simple and easy projects are perfect for seniors to engage in. Coloring Easter eggs is fun and results in a beautiful end-product with minimum work. Real eggs can be painted or decorated with stickers and sparkles, while plastic eggs have the added attraction of opening up to place a candy treat for the lucky recipient of the egg. The decorating of Easter baskets is another tradition that is beloved, easy, and whose end-product are much appreciated.

Baking and Cooking

Seniors that enjoy baking and/or cooking will find a lot of ways to combine their hobby with Easter celebrations. Some delicious Easter treats include:

  • Almond pretzels
  • Bunny Brownies
  • Chocolate Nests
  • Egg-ceptional Easter Cookies
  • Lemon Pinwheels
  • Springtime Bonnets
  • White Chocolate Birds Nest Cookies

Attending Church

Even less religiously oriented seniors might want to attend Easter services. Participation in a religious service can bring back fond memories of childhood, can re-ignite a spiritual spark which brings joy and peace of mind, and brings people together in a community of worshipers, which gives support and a feeling of belonging. If church is not an option, special music or singing events can achieve a similar result as organized church services.


Family and friends visiting a senior loved-one can show their respect and love with a gift of a traditional Easter lily. This special flower symbolizes hope and life, and is sure to bring a smile to the recipient’s face. Many people give seeds or small plants, especially flowers. It is a perfect gift for this time of year. For a real special treat, take your senior bird-watching, and enjoy the beauty and freedom displayed by the birds in flight.

Easter is the perfect holiday to reconnect with your special loved ones, your roots, and the hope and beauty of the coming season.