Teach All Tech

Putting his ‘nerd’ qualities to good use for seniors, is Nicholas Roth, founder and creator of Teach All Tech. Understanding the benefits of technology and how it facilitates everyday life activities, Roth is there to help seniors – who often get left behind in the technology sector – take advantage of the latest gadgets.

Currently studying for his business management and entrepreneurship degree at UNG’s Mike Cottrell College of Business, over the last few years Roth has also been focusing on how to create this company. He took his experience of working at T-Mobile and AT&T encountering customers who would come and ask how to use their mobile devices. Since he was in the sales department, it was not his role and management frowned upon sales people assisting in these situations. Thus the idea was borne for Teach All Tech as Roth was disappointed at “unofficial company policies.”

He thus started inviting people back in when the store was less crowded but he was still reprimanded. So he had to figure out another way of helping these people. The job satisfaction he gets from helping them is huge. Once people are able to use their devices, they are so much happier.

Teach All Tech is perfect for seniors who are so very often left on the sidelines vis-à-vis new devices.