Loomo Robots to Benefit Seniors

Historically, robots have been used in many ways to benefit the senior population. Now, another new use is being put to works thanks to the Loomo bot.

Last month, developers were approached by Segway Robotics to glean ideas on how the Loomo bot can be beneficial to the elderly population in Singapore. Given that by the year 2030 a quarter of all Singaporeans will require elder care, a huge strain will be placed on the healthcare industry in the country if action is not taken now. Robots are being used in increasingly more industries and also come with a significantly greater capacity in juust the last 12 months alone. The same is true for the Loomo bot which last month co-hosted the MIT Hacking Medicine Robotics hackathon in Singapore in the hope of developing eldercare-based uses for Loomo. There, 75 teams split into groups comprising three developers, a business manager and a healthcare professional and worked on how to use Loomo to respond to the future eldercare issues that are arising in Singapore with its rapidly-aging population.

Earlier in 2017 at this year’s CES, Loomo’s developer version was revealed together with some of its partnering companies: BMW, Intel and MIT. MIT’s expertise in the project is healthcare while BMW is investigating the uses for autonomous driving and Intel, perceptual computing.