Keep Active, Keep Happy, Live Longer

Getting older isn’t just about how long you can live, but about how well you can live. Here are a few bits of advice that are guaranteed to lift your spirits, and even lengthen your life.

  1. Did you retire and now feel a loss with what to do with your time? Try employment on a part-time basis. Pick something you enjoy that suits your interests and talents, and have some extra fun with the extra cash.
  2. Were you lucky enough to save for retirement? Go to an exotic country that you’ve always dreamed of going to. Use your hard-earned savings to see the world.
  3. Consider giving back to the community that gave you so much during your working years. One study showed that when older folks volunteer and help others, they live 60 percent longer than those who just keep to themselves.
  4. Make some fun changes to your house. Remodel it, or even enlarge it to accommodate visiting relatives and friends.
  5. Start getting serious about your hobby. Try photography, chess, knitting, stamp collecting. The world is your oyster, enjoy!
  6. Take a ‘constitutional’ every morning. Watch the world come to life, and you will, too.
  7. Are you also lucky enough to have a family? Children and grandchildren, sisters, brothers and/or friends? Then go see them. Hang out together. Enjoy their company. Have dinner together. These are one of the most meaningful moments, sure to warm the heart and soul, and make life truly worth living.