New App Allows Easy Access to Medical History

One of the more frightening aspects of aging is the possibility of an older person losing consciousness and not being able to tell those who come to her/his aid her/his medical history. One company has come up with an innovative solution to this serious, and life-threatening problem.

The company is called YITSOL and they developed a mobile medical wallet that anyone can carry with them in case they need emergency treatment without the benefit of accessible medical records. The system is called CAREMI, which stands for Critical Actionable Responsive Emergency Medical Information, and it supplies the health care worker with medical reports, treatment history and diagnostic results of the patient with just an app.

“I got the idea due to my father’s condition,” said Amit Singh, co-founder, YITSOL. “After my father’s heart operation, he has been taking blood thinners and other medicine. Whenever he is out alone, the family members are worried. The blood thinners do not allow the blood to clot easily. This made me concerned about what would happen to all those senior citizens who meet with an accident and the kind of treatment that will be given without any knowledge of their condition.”

It works utilizing an NFC tag which is connected to a key chain, stickers or bands. The tag has a unique number where all the medical information about the person is stored. When a health care worker arrives on the scene he just uses the CAREMI app to scan the tag. He then has the patient’s unique number and also his complete medical history.

Health insurance information can also be accessed. An SMS message is sent to the user’s phone if someone tries to get the information without authorization, as a safety precaution. This app is an answer to relieve some of the uncertainty and anxiety elderly people, or people with serious illnesses, may experience on a routine basis.