Seniors: Changing Nutritional Needs

The Senior Caregiver Forum of 2016 is screened on this video via Colorado’s MESA TV channel. It was produced as an educational aide for agency staff, caregivers and families who want more information on the changing nutritional needs of seniors.

A panel of experts shared their thoughts. They were: Melanie Dennison – FB Organics, Kevin Keith – ST for SWHS – Rehab, Jessica Mitchell – RD for SNF/Nursing Homes, Kelly Proctor – Nutritional Educator, Pinion Project, Jamie Ritthaler – RN – Diabetes Educator, SWMH, Susie Young – RD for Mercy Medical Oncology.

Caregivers’ face challenges when it comes to feeding the elderly. How they deal with the changing nutritional needs as one ages and the frustrations that come with it is an important issue. Each person has to find the right way for their loved one when it comes to tackling these challenges. One way of facilitating the process according to Susie Young is by looking at past eating patterns, finding healthy foods among that and integrating it further to provide a more well-balanced nutritional diet. The idea is to adapt and tweak the diet, not to eliminate foods.